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Get an HVAC Zoning System in Fort Collins, CO

We can help you save money by cooling and heating your home more efficiently. HVAC zoning systems allow you to control the temperature in each room or zone separately.

Most households can benefit from an HVAC zoning system. There is usually a room that’s too hot or too cold and each occupant tends to have different temperature preferences. However, with the typical air conditioning system, known as a forced air system, there is only one thermostat to control the temperature throughout the home. Once the thermostat calls for heating or cooling, there is no way to change the temperature in any one section or room except by closing off the vents. This is time-consuming. It can also cause damage to the HVAC system and shorten the lifespan of the furnace or air conditioner. Luckily, HVAC companies like Air Products Heating and Cooling offer a solution.

 Zone control systems allow you to accommodate all the varying temperature needs and save energy at the same time. An HVAC zoning system helps if you have large windows, warm top floors, rooms you seldom use, or rooms which need extra cooling.

How HVAC Zone Control Works

Wouldn’t you enjoy a warm bathroom floor in the morning and a cool bedroom at night? HVAC zone control allows you to do just that. The system includes dampers which are inserted into the ducts or installed at each room’s air outlet. These open and close based on the demands from the thermostat in each room or zone. The thermostats and dampers are connected to a central control panel which is linked to the thermostat connection the HVAC unit. The unit can, therefore, be controlled by multiple thermostats. HVAC zone control increases energy efficiency and reduces utility bills.

The system may seem difficult to set up but to a professional, it’s quite simple. When you reach out to our company, we’ll explain in detail how HVAC zone control systems can work for your unique situation,   and carry out the installation quickly.

How Can I Get an HVAC Zoning System from a Professional Near Me?

Choose Air Products Heating & Cooling if you been searching for “HVAC zoning system near me” and wondering which company is best. The systems we install allow you to customize the temperature anywhere you want in the home. If you need extra cooling in your office during the day, you can lower the temperature there without affecting the bedrooms which you won’t use until late in the night. 

We work with the best brands on the market and we offer the highest level of service. We are dedicated to providing our residential customers with the most cost-effective heating and cooling solutions. Our service area extends to Fort Collins, CO; Windsor, CO; Timnath, CO; Loveland, CO; Greeley, CO. Contact us today and let us help you heat and cool your house more efficiently.

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Marianne Koch
Fort Collins, CO
We have used Air Products twice now. They are prompt, professional, and fairly priced. The service guy, Nick, explained the problem to me in detail and quickly fixed the problem. I will always call them first.
Kristen Krueger
Fort Collins, CO
We have been so very pleased with the Air Products Heating & Cooling team. They have been taking care of our heating and cooling needs for 19 years! Their service is superb and their prices are fair and affordable.
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Tom S.
Fort Collins, Colorado
The Giarrusso family has been a staple in the HVAC community in Northern Colorado for decades. Reliable, professional, with unmatched expertise. You would be foolish to use anyone else.
John M.
Windsor, Colorado
If I ever need HVAC or know someone that does I always recommend Nick and his company Air Products Heating and Cooling.
Scott S.
Fort Collins, CO
Just had Air Products replace our HVAC unit for a commercial condo unit. They gave us a fair bid and his crew installed the unit same day - no problems and working great. Everyone was super-professional and there was no issues.
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Nick Capute
Fort Collins, CO
The team at air products have the best customer service. Always a pleasure doing business with them. Strongly recommend.
Candyce Mcnairy
Fort Collins, CO
Air Products has provided service at my place of employment for years and I recently called them to help with some needs at my personal residence. They are prompt, attentive, courteous, helpful and affordable. We had woken to a very cold home yesterday.
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