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Furnace Installation from Fort Collins, CO Professionals

Furnace installation is not a do-it-yourself process. We offer professional installation services to homeowners, and new home builders, and our technicians are known for the superior quality of their work.

Having your home heated with a proper furnace is essential for the health and comfort of your family. You’ll need our professional heating service providers to carry out the furnace installation.

Furnace installation is complicated and it is definitely not a do-it-yourself project.  Steps include: 

  • Choosing the furnace and selecting the location for installation
  • Deciding where the duct and drain will run 
  • Connecting the furnace unit to the ducting system
  • Connecting the vent pipes, gas and electrical supply, and condensate drain

What’s the Usual Furnace Installation Cost?

In Fort Collins, the furnace installation cost can range from $2,637 to $5,993. The costs are calculated based on several factors including the brand, whether the furnace is gas, oil or electric, and the size of your home. Furnace installation cost will also take into consideration whether inspection or permits are required and if changes have to be made to the ductwork.

Most furnaces last for 15 to 20 years and modern systems are energy efficient. With proper maintenance, you can expect a long lifespan and lower energy costs.

What Are the Advantages of Gas Furnace Installation?

If you’re considering gas furnace installation, you’ll be happy to know that modern models often feature:

  • Variable-speed blowers which help to reduce big swings in temperature
  • Variable heat output which automatically varies the amount of heat between two levels
  • Zoned heating which allows the delivery of different levels of heating and cooling to different parts of the home.

The process of gas furnace installation involves:

  • Turning off the power and gas supply to the furnace
  • Aligning the furnace with the existing gas pipes and ductwork 
  • Connecting the ductwork to the new furnace
  • Connecting the gas line, thermostat and power supply
  • Checking for gas leaks

I Need Furnace Installation Near Me

Have you been searching for “furnace installation near me”? You’ve chosen the right search result. We offer expert furnace installation in Fort Collins, CO; Windsor, CO; Timnath, CO; Loveland, CO; Greeley, CO. End your search for furnace installation near me and call us today!

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Easy and Secure Financing

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Marianne Koch
Fort Collins, CO
We have used Air Products twice now. They are prompt, professional, and fairly priced. The service guy, Nick, explained the problem to me in detail and quickly fixed the problem. I will always call them first.
Kristen Krueger
Fort Collins, CO
We have been so very pleased with the Air Products Heating & Cooling team. They have been taking care of our heating and cooling needs for 19 years! Their service is superb and their prices are fair and affordable.
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Tom S.
Fort Collins, Colorado
The Giarrusso family has been a staple in the HVAC community in Northern Colorado for decades. Reliable, professional, with unmatched expertise. You would be foolish to use anyone else.
John M.
Windsor, Colorado
If I ever need HVAC or know someone that does I always recommend Nick and his company Air Products Heating and Cooling.
Scott S.
Fort Collins, CO
Just had Air Products replace our HVAC unit for a commercial condo unit. They gave us a fair bid and his crew installed the unit same day - no problems and working great. Everyone was super-professional and there was no issues.
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Nick Capute
Fort Collins, CO
The team at air products have the best customer service. Always a pleasure doing business with them. Strongly recommend.
Candyce Mcnairy
Fort Collins, CO
Air Products has provided service at my place of employment for years and I recently called them to help with some needs at my personal residence. They are prompt, attentive, courteous, helpful and affordable. We had woken to a very cold home yesterday.
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