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HVAC Installation from Professionals in Fort Collins, CO

We have been providing professional HVAC installation service to Fort Collins and nearby areas for more than 25 years.

Heating, ventilation, and cooling are extremely important and they should be handled by HVAC installation experts. When installed by our HVAC service professionals, these systems help people to stay comfortable since they control airflow and ensure occupants are neither too hot nor too cold.

Expert HVAC system installation brings a number of benefits including:

  • Improved energy efficiency. Modern thermostats can be programmed to adjust the temperature based on whether the building is occupied.
  • Increased comfort. Properly functioning fans and air filters distribute air more evenly throughout the home.
  • Longer Lifespan. Modern HVAC systems last a lot longer and with routine maintenance, they need fewer repairs.

For professional HVAC installation and fair HVAC installation cost, Air Products Heating & Cooling is the #1 choice.

Why You Should Never Attempt HVAC Installation Service on Your Own

It may seem like HVAC installation service professionals have an easy job. It is true that they can usually finish in a day or two but that is because they have undergone extensive training. Doing the work yourself will take longer and you are almost guaranteed to make mistakes.

When installing AC ductwork, poor sizing, placement or planning can lead to inefficient systems and high energy bills. With furnace installation, you can cause dangerous gas leaks and fires if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

When you hire a respected HVAC installation company, your equipment will last longer and you’ll save on costs. You’re also less likely to have problems with temperature, humidity, and noise.

Some of the things you need to consider when calculating the cost of HVAC installation service include:

  • House size
  • Equipment brand
  • Project difficulty
  • Whether ductwork needs to be replaced
  • The efficiency of the system

I Need HVAC Installers Near Me

Have you been searching for “HVAC installers near me” or “HVAC installation near me”? Our professional rapid response team has been serving the Fort Collins, CO local community for 25 years. We have earned the trust of the people in Windsor, CO; Timnath, CO; Loveland, CO; Greeley, CO. End your search for “HVAC installers near me” or call an HVAC installer from our company.

Easy and Secure Financing

Easy and Secure Financing

For your heating and cooling convenience we have quick, easy and secure financing available through ams financing.

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Marianne Koch
Fort Collins, CO
We have used Air Products twice now. They are prompt, professional, and fairly priced. The service guy, Nick, explained the problem to me in detail and quickly fixed the problem. I will always call them first.
Kristen Krueger
Fort Collins, CO
We have been so very pleased with the Air Products Heating & Cooling team. They have been taking care of our heating and cooling needs for 19 years! Their service is superb and their prices are fair and affordable.
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Tom S.
Fort Collins, Colorado
The Giarrusso family has been a staple in the HVAC community in Northern Colorado for decades. Reliable, professional, with unmatched expertise. You would be foolish to use anyone else.
John M.
Windsor, Colorado
If I ever need HVAC or know someone that does I always recommend Nick and his company Air Products Heating and Cooling.
Scott S.
Fort Collins, CO
Just had Air Products replace our HVAC unit for a commercial condo unit. They gave us a fair bid and his crew installed the unit same day - no problems and working great. Everyone was super-professional and there was no issues.
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Nick Capute
Fort Collins, CO
The team at air products have the best customer service. Always a pleasure doing business with them. Strongly recommend.
Candyce Mcnairy
Fort Collins, CO
Air Products has provided service at my place of employment for years and I recently called them to help with some needs at my personal residence. They are prompt, attentive, courteous, helpful and affordable. We had woken to a very cold home yesterday.
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How Can We Help You Today?

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